ASG Window Repair Service

ASG Glass Window provides one stop solution for all your window repairs including UPVC windows for the commercial and residential sector. We cover homes to shops and commercial buildings such as hotel, schools, hospitals within the Cork and Munster area. We only use quality parts for windows and doors.

We serve a wide array of customers ranging from homeowners to shops, commercial units, schools, factories and property management companies throughout Cork City and County.  Our services includes repair of single, double and treble glazed windows and doors. We reline windows and fit handles and hinges, ASG will repair any fault in your window and can replace your window if need be. We take pride in all our work and guarantee all our work is satisfactory completed from the start to finish.

Are you experiencing any of the issues below:

  • Difficulty in opening and shutting a window.
  • Window that become misaligned.
  • Window glass misted or cracked.
  • handles become stiff 
  • Trouble with the window closing.
  • Unable to turn the handle down fully.
  • Window is stuck and wont open
  • Window handles are floppy and loose
  • Can't secure your window
  • Need new child locks fitted
AGS Glass & Window Repairs
Tel: 083-8227452

ASG Glass can help you with repairs of 

  • Casement window repair
  • Single & Double Glazed Windows,
  • Triple Glazed units
  • Misted & Fogged up windows
  • Loose or Damaged Handles
  • Draughty Windows
  • Cracked or Broken Glass
  • Discoloured Window Panels
  • Broken Hinges
  • UPVC windows repair
  • Aluminium window repair
  • Tilt and turn window repair


ASG Window Repairs only fix the parts which needs to be replaced. We do not unnecessarily try and up sell a window or door replacement job to a customer. We try our hardest to save the windows by repairing them. If you don't need a new window, we will not encourage you to get one. We prefer to keep your old window intact and replace small spare parts as required. We always get consent from our customers and provide a reasonable quote after our initial consultation on all your window repairs.


Misted Glass is the result of excess moisture trapped in the cavity between panes of glass in a double or triple glazed unit. This is caused where there is a breach in the hermetic seal (airtight seal) around the edge of the sealed unit allowing moist air to enter the cavity of the unit over a period of days, weeks or months. 

When the temperature rises the moist air trapped within the double glazed window unit condenses and over a period of time gives a white cloudy effect which to the eye is irritating and unsightly. 

Over 90% of failed double glazing sealed units are south-east to south-west facing due to the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west providing the greatest change in daily temperature which in turn creates the most movement in the window and door frame through expansion and contraction. 

With decades of experience working with windows, our professional opinion for repairing a misted glass units is to replace the glass. As all misted units are subject to a fault in the unit itself and replacing the glass will avoid any more costly issues later on down the line as well as ensuring the new low emission glass is completely sealed with warm edge spacer bar technology and filled with argon gas to ensure your windows are energy efficient. This service is available for UPVC or aluminium units and comes with a comforting warranty.